Reflections of the best Rugby World Cup ever

I was recently asked to answer the following questions following the Rugby World Cup – here are my answers!

Describe the World Cup in five words. Best Ever Rugby World Cup!

Who was the player of the tournament? Nicolas Sanchez epitomised the brilliance of Argentina and the creativity of the Pumas – he was my player of the tournament.

Who was the breakthrough star? Mark Bennett of Scotland played extremely well but the Georgian scrum half Vasil Lobzhanidze who was only 18 during the tournament was outstanding.

What was the best match? Japan v South Africa. That match ignited the tournament whilst England v Wales put the flames out on the host nation. Australia v Scotland had everything bar a Scot’s win. What was the outstanding try? The Brave Blossoms turn down a kick-able penalty and honourable draw in return for World Cup glory. Karne Hesketh’s score with the last play of the game for Japan v South Africa is cemented in RWC history. Cue; unbelievable celebrations! What was the best tactical innovation? Not so much innovation but the return of hookers, hooking and delivering channel 1 ball. Canada and Japan excelled in this department. Was the refereeing up to scratch? In general it was very good. TMO intrusions were frustrating but lessons will be learned to improve communications across the game. What was your favourite personal memory? I was lucky enough to commentate at 8 of the 13 venues. The atmosphere and support from the fans was magnificent and the players responded with some scintillating rugby. What would you change for 2019? Allow a minimum of 6 days recovery between games. 4 was pushing the limit and every tier 1 nation to play at least 2 internationals against tier 2 nations each year in the lead up

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